Across Some Universe – Throwing it Back to Galaxy


My teachers like me- I would like to believe but I was never a teacher’s pet except maybe when I really really liked a subject but I had no intention sucking up. I hated people kissing some high and almighty ass so never once I did.

Although, the term teacher should not be confined in the classroom. I had one or two people I liked. Nothing special. But my best teacher I think would be my uncle.

Early on – I am quite annoyed when he would ask me what I would want to do 10 years from then. It was super annoying but I squirm when asked. You see, I never would think about something as mundane as 10 years from that time. The most important things are Boys, Harry Potter and my friends. The good old days of ignorance and innocence!

Ignorance that I kept on kicking myself today for not thinking quite far ahead. Oh yeah. The songs of shoulda woulda coulda is blaring.

I grew up. I was halfway through college and not so innocent anymore when one magical after family party evening, my uncle invited me and my sister to smoke some herb.

It wasn’t my first time neither was my sister- but that night my uncle did what life has not revealed to us yet: Choices. In choice – there is no good. no bad. It was the main frame of living Life. It shows who you are and what you want to be. You have the power to BE. Choices.

The whole discussion that night was hazy as hell but that word had been my foundation whenever something difficult comes up. Whenever a friend needs advice, whenever I read the tarot cards to my clients, whenever anger arises- choices.

Not alot of smoking the magic herb followed because my uncle died shortly.  I became a Buddhist because of that night. I am what I am today because of that night. And whenever I look back, remembering that one dreamlike memory – there was this sense of being grateful that the conditions were so great for me that my uncle was my uncle and that night was made for me so that I could be set free